If the pain is very strong, and the dental clinic is already closed, you can rinse your mouth with salt and take pain medications. Pain under a temporary filling completely normal reaction to a medicine that is put before a removal procedure nerve.If the filled tooth aches quite a long time, then the cause of the pain is the re-emergence of caries. This situation arises if the doctor not treated the affected tooth with a drill and filled.After sealing the toothand you may receive a pulpitis or inflammation of the nerve, if it is not removed, and the caries was deep enough. You need to go to the dentist. He will remove the seal, clean the cavity and remove the pulp. If the doctor feels that the tooth can be saved, it will prescribe anti-inflammatory drugs and antibiotics. Just put under seal may develop periodontitis. The patient will experience pain. To resolve this issue by re - treatment. The dentist removes the supplied seal, rassverlivajut channel, provides a cure and puts a temporary filling. After a week, the temporary filling is removed, the nerve is removed and a second seal.Also , the tooth may be sore after the treatment, if the cyst. The doctor cuts the gum and removes the bag. Laser cyst removal is performed without incision. In some cases, if the cyst is large enough , the tooth is not possible to keep. The doctor performs the removal and cleans the cyst with the help of tools.Pain after treatment may cause an allergic reaction to the material of the seal. Relief is only one to remove the seal and fill the tooth with another material.Even if after the treatment the toothand the patient did not bother, it is necessary in one week to see the doctor for inspection and, if necessary, to the correction of the seal.