Every housewife knows that variety in diet is not only an opportunity to please loved ones with something new, but also a necessary condition for a correct balanced diet.

To cook chicken legs will help you a simple recipe given below. This dish has a spicy flavor that will enhance any holiday table and is a pleasant surprise for your whole family.

The recipe is called "Chicken legs a La Tuscany".

To prepare Kuizi will take 25 minutes. One serving contains 310 calories. Fry chicken, add ingredients and spices, that's all you need to cook this dish. But let us, in order.

Necessary ingredients: chicken legs chicken - 4 pieces; vegetable oil – 2 tablespoons; onion – 1 piece; 2 garlic cloves; red wine – half a Cup; grated tomatoes – 500 grams; canned olives – 100 grams; black pepper (pinch), fresh sage.

• Wash, clean the chicken legs, cut off the excess fat. Can cut them in half.

• Fry them in a skillet on each side in vegetable oil.

• Onion peel, halve and cut into thin half-rings.

• Garlic is clean and skip through the frog.

• Legs add the onion, garlic and quickly sauté.

• Pour the chicken with red wine and add the tomatoes, which previously rubbed through a colander.

• Cover the pan with a lid and simmer on low heat for about 15 minutes.

• Shortly before readiness add olives, cut in half.

• Season with ground black pepper (you can add oregano or Basil – optional).

• Before serving, season the sauce with finely chopped sage and garnish with whole leaves of sage.

• Do not salt meat not the sauce. Olives and tomatoes spicy by themselves. They will give Your dish a spicy taste.

To cook chicken fast and delicious is not a problem - this recipe is for you!