You will need
    • In order
    • to cook the chicken
    • you'll need the chicken
    • and cutting Board
    • a sharp knife for the meat
    • pan
    • water
    • onions
    • one carrot and salt.
The chicken can be cooked as a whole or in parts depending on the number of people willing to taste the boiled chicken meat or your appetite. It is preferable to cut the chicken for at least two halves so it is better to boil, thoroughly clean all the innards and rinse under water. For lovers of exclusively certain parts of chicken in the stores already cut thighs, Breasts, drumsticks or fillets - choose what suits your taste.


Put the chicken or parts in a pot, cover with water so that the pot was filled 3/4 full and put on fire. After a while the water starts to boil, and up will gradually rise foam (noise). Armed with a slotted spoon - a special spoon with lots of holes - it is necessary to remove all the noise. After the water will continuously boil in a pot you should throw a pinch of salt, as well as pre-cleaned and washed onion and a small carrot - vegetables gives the meat a special taste.

From this point the chicken should cook for 20-40 minutes on low heat. The duration of cooking depends on how soft it will end up meat, and here again there is a question about your preferences for someone ideal for the delicious chicken meat is the elastic flesh, and someone who likes easily detached from the bone fiber. The longer meat is cooked, the softer it will be.