You will need
  • thermometer for roasting meat in the oven;
  • - fork, toothpick or cooking needle;
  • - twine.
Largely, the cooking time of chicken depends on its age and size. Chicks and young hens who are under a year and a half, getting ready much faster. If you cook them broth, pre-cut the meat into pieces. In this case, the soup will be enough for the meat cook on a slow fire. Old chicken will need to cook for at least 2-2. 5 hours to dissolve and become softer. Readiness can be determined by eye – meat on the ends of the legs will begin to move away from the bones.
To determine the readiness of the chicken that is roasted whole on the grill or pan, can, pierced it in several places with a toothpick, fork or a cooking needle. Make deep punctures in the region of the thick edge of chicken breast and have large bones. If the meat is ready, the plug will enter into it effortlessly, and puncture will begin to stand out not pus, and clear meat juice. Chicken, sliced, cooked through and a half times faster than that which you will prepare in whole or flattened in the pan.
If you decide to bake the chicken in the oven whole, be sure to tie her with twine to the legs and wings were tightly pressed to the body and not burned. Monitor the cooking process using a special thermometer for roasting meat. It can be bought in hardware stores. They puncture the carcass to the breast region. When the internal temperature of the meat 85 degrees Celsius, the chicken is ready.
In the absence of a thermometer, you'll get the same fork or toothpick. Make a puncture and look at the resulting juice. It needs to be transparent and bright.
Calculate the cooking time of the chicken, bake at 180-200 degrees in the oven. She was completely fried, for every kilogram of its weight, you will need 40 minutes.