For cooking duck legs will need:

- duck legs – 2 PCs.;

- orange – 1 PC.;

- potatoes – 250 g;

- honey (it is recommended to take the liquid, if not, the existing melt in a water bath) – 1 tbsp;

- olive oil – 4 tbsp;

- garlic – 1 clove;

- hot water – 100 ml;

- a few sprigs of parsley;

- salt to taste.

Thoroughly wash the duck legs and place in a bowl multimarochnaya. Pumpkin peel, cut into large chunks. Overlaid legs pumpkin. Wash the orange and cut from it 2 thin circles, and of the remaining fruit squeeze the juice. Garlic chop and add to orange juice, there also send the honey and olive oil.

All mix well until a homogeneous mass. Pour the sauce over the duck legs and squash. Meat put slices of orange. Add the chopped parsley. Leave the meat to marinate for 60 minutes. After time passes, set in multivarka mode "Control", set the temperature to 120 degrees, cook for 10 minutes. Then open the lid and pour in a bowl of hot water, then continue cooking in the same mode.

When the dish is ready, put it on a plate, decorate with greens. The duck legs will be in harmony with rice. By the way, this recipe can be cooked the chicken.