Learn the model of your joystick. Common devices for the personal computer are compatible with the Xbox360 console and are not compatible. Even if your controller does not have instructions, just pay attention to how are the sticks – if the right is below the left, so this is one from Microsoft and is supported by personal computers. A model with a different layout of the sticks, most likely produced by other companies and may not be compatible with the PC. If you know the name of the manufacturer, try to explore its official website and know whether work appropriate joystick when connected to the computer, or is it designed solely for consoles.
Make sure you have installed the game supports the use of a joystick as control devices. Usually no problem when installing games marked "Games for Windows". All other programs, especially those that came out a few years ago, may not support modern models of joysticks or be incompatible with them at all.
Install the drivers for your joystick. To do this, click the right mouse button on the icon "My computer" and select "Properties". Open "device Manager" and click the unknown device with an exclamation point. Specify whether to install drivers, for example, with a boot disk or via the Internet. After successful installation of the required services, the device will be identified by the system and will start to work.
Activate the joystick as a means to control the game. This can be done in the settings in the main menu. Select "control Settings" and switch the "Keyboard and mouse" to "Gamepad" or "Joystick". Save the settings and test the system in the game.