It is particularly sad that the joystick fails much earlier than the period average life of the device as a whole. Therefore, the owners of such devices need to learn how to change the joysticks. For this there are a few universal tips.

  1. For starters, stock up on spare controllers. This is very important because to fix the old can, but it will be only a temporary reprieve. As a rule, this item just has a certain service time and the intensity of use. If this limit is exhausted, you are unlikely to fix something. Replacement parts must be original, or otherwise fix the joystick will be difficult.

  2. Stock up on screwdrivers small diameter, so as to replace the joystick will need to at least remove the upper part of the housing of the control panel or the game. In addition, you can buy a set of the same bolts, since they rarely lost.

  3. Mechanical joystick replacement is not as complex as it further debugging. However, when the cover is lifted, and you will see the attachment and springs, better to take pictures of this place. Then you will be able to follow when you change detail.

  4. Typically, the joysticks have a starting point of the movement. Once installed correctly, you can hope for correct operation.

  5. In working with sensitive equipment, helicopters radio control, and consoles psp, debugging is done with the help of programs.

  6. Plugins will help you to set the sensitivity of the joystick. One such program can be JoySens. It is easy to manage and easy to correct all deficiencies.

If you installed the joystick, and it does not work, you need to debug the program. Most often it is said that the old plugin interferes with the correct operation. The new installation should fix the problem.

If you first try to repair the joystick, it is better to ask to participate, someone knowledgeable. But the important thing is to act slowly and steadily, not rushing headlong.