To lose 1 kg in 1 day

There are many ways to lose one to several pounds in just 1 day. However, not all of them is safe for health. Besides, the faster the weight goes, the generally faster and returns. But if you really need to lose one or two pounds per day, you can try to resort to the following recommendations.
During the day, refuse food and tea "slimming", having diuretic and laxative effect. For the body one day of fasting won't be too stressful, but it's advisable to prepare for fasting for 2 days, eating gentle foods (cereals, cooked in water or steamed, boiled vegetables and fruits). Should also abandon the simple carbohydrates, fatty and spicy foods. By the way, after fasting for two days again to feed in the same mode. It is possible that the desired goal will be achieved already at the stage of preparation for fasting.
Spend 2 hours in the sauna – about a kilogram of weight go through a loss of body fluid.
Walk at a good pace without stopping 40 kilometers, while not biting, the next day you will feel much slimmer and actually lose weight.
Arrange a fasting day. It is believed that one fasting day a week will only benefit the body, the more that options are offered a lot, and you can choose a delicious and pleasant relief.
To lose 1 kg per week

This weight loss will be less stressful to the body, it will be softer and the results have a chance to hold out quite a long time. Of course, this will be the case if after a week of weight loss is not to let myself again relax.
Attention needs to focus on food. Eat mostly foods rich in fiber, i.e. unsweetened fruit, any vegetables, except corn and potatoes, and whole wheat bread. This will quickly be satisfied, and not to experience a feeling of heaviness after eating. Refrain from fatty and fried foods, refined foods and simple carbohydrates present in sugar and flour products.
Drink at least 6 glasses of pure water without gas during the day. It is desirable to use water for 20-30 minutes before meals, which will reduce hunger and allow you to be satisfied with smaller portions.
Avoid drinking alcohol. Strong alcohol kindles the appetite, and alcoholic beverages such as beer, are themselves quite high in calories.
Less than watching TV. It sounds weird, but experimentally it has been proven that people who regularly spend watching TV for a long time, lose weight slower than those who refused teleseason.