At some point, my weight was more than 110 kg at growth of 180 sm). One month (!) use my personal methods I've lost 15 kg of weight and kept for about ten years body weight in the range of 93-98 pounds. I thought it was a great achievement.

So, if you want to try again to lose weight, we advise you to perform two simple tasks and answer two simple questions.

1. Stand on the scale. It turned out a three-digit number?

2. Undress to cowards, go to the mirror and maximally relax the muscles. Look at your reflection in a full face and profile. It is disgusting?

If you answered Yes to both questions, please continue reading. The rest please do not worry.

At the time, I also got on the scales and looked at myself in the mirror. And I decided!

I read a lot of books, newspaper and magazine articles, ploughed interested in the subject of the Internet, consulted with friends, skinny and not so, wrote in a notebook some notes, bought dumbbells... in Short, held a preparatory phase.

I am not going to describe in detail the whole month the immediate weight loss. Summarize only the most important.

I have to say that my advice is not prohibitively. This is possible for any average person at any age. If you wanted to.

1. Motivate yourself (many times stand on the scale in the morning, afternoon, evening, before meals, after meals. Many times looked at myself in the mirror. Start to hate myself). What in the mirror – ugly, you need something to do!

2. Gather into a fist all his will power. Now set the teeth. Be filled with endless determination. Without this you will not be able to achieve the goal.

This is a very important point. If not the most important! Determination, will power and the desire to go to the end!

You should be aware that you are saying goodbye to your former life in many respects (and from the point of view of food, and from the point of view of the lifestyle). Once you depart from the recommendations, you will have to start all over again. And, believe me, very difficult!

3. A way of life. Only need to move more. Do some kind of exercise (even just a walk around the room and wave your hands). Practice Hiking down the street, even if you don't want. Just leave the yard and go through it from end to end twenty times. Before you get behind the wheel, go around a few times in a circle his car. Climb to his floor on foot, not on the lift. Leaving the house, before the door sit down ten times. Even when sitting at the TV or in the office chair, raise and lower several times legs and arms. In General, how much do any of the movements. During the initial stage do not recommend active weight-bearing exercise. Begins to grow muscle mass, disproportionately, and the weight will only increase.

If you are a smoker not advised to quit Smoking during weight loss. The body can go crazy with such a large number of shocks.

During "active phase" of weight loss, give up alcohol altogether. Even a glass of vodka for Sunday dinner will not do any good.

4. Diet. For this reason it is written so many that to deal sometimes is just not possible. My personal advice as someone who's read a whole bunch of literature.

The well-known principle: eat little but often. That is correct, but many people is unacceptable due to the nature of the daily routine. Therefore I propose the following. To base nizkouglerodistuju diet. Who have chronic illness need a doctor's advice. And the most important thing:

- during active weight loss totally abstain from starchy foods, especially bread, pastries, cakes, pies, donuts, etc.;

- eliminate from the diet of sweets: sugar and all, as part of which is sugar.

These two points are very important and mandatory! One of my friends said, "Well, how can you refuse the bread?!" With this approach, it has never been able to grams to lose weight, no matter how much I tried.

Everything else you can include in your diet. But reasonably, not overflowing during a meal the stomach. At night is not advised. If used and ill adapt to it, just have a drink in the evening a glass of plain water. You can squeeze in a glass of few drops of lemon juice.

Well affect the process of weight loss eating fresh vegetables: carrots, beets, celery. And greenery: dill, parsley, Basil, cilantro. Fruits and fruit juices should be treated with caution - they are, as a rule, an excess of carbohydrates.

As already was said above, put under a total ban of alcohol.

So, you listened to my advice and begin the process of weight loss. It is very important to run this process. Therefore, the first phase every day step onto the scale. Offer to weigh yourself in the morning before the meal, after the morning toilet. The evening weight is always changing in the direction of increase. Can start a diary. If the first week you will lose 2-3 pounds or more is good! The process has begun! Follow the course of the month my advice and be strict and demanding of himself. Once you reach the desired result, it is possible to potreskatsya. But still keep myself in good shape.

If you for the first week didn't lose any single pounds, you need to analyze your lifestyle and diet. Re-read my advice. Trim nutrition. Let's see some "bad" carbohydrates you consume. Not likely you have a broken metabolism or other health problems, you need to consult a doctor.