Fasting days

To lose 2 pounds per week by using fasting days. 2-3 day on kefir (1.5-2 liters per day), apples (1-1. 5 kg) or cheese (1 kg) you lose weight fast. Also, fasting days promote the excretion of excess fluid and elimination of toxins, and also have a positive effect on the gastrointestinal tract, allowing him to rest from heavy meals.

Vegetable diet

Lose weight in a short period of time will help you vegetable diet. During the week eat only raw vegetables and fruits, and drink water at least 2 liters per day. Approximate diet menu looks like this:
- Breakfast: assorted fruit, pear, Apple, banana and orange;
- lunch: salad of cucumbers, tomatoes, petiolate celery, bell pepper and herbs;
- afternoon snack: 1-2 fruit – apples, kiwi, mandarins, peaches or pears;
- dinner: salad with boiled beans, greens and seaweed.

Cleansing diet

This is a very easy and useful diet lasts 4 days and cleans the body. During the diet forbidden to use salt and sugar, have to eat solely these products. The first day you can eat only boiled rice, drink fresh Apple juice. On the second day should eat boiled chicken and drink Apple juice or green tea. In the menu of the third day, cheese and yogurt low fat, and green tea. On the fourth day you should eat cottage cheese or Tofu, and to drink the same tea. Number of products diet restricts – eat your fill, but do not forget about sense of proportion. To repeat this diet after a month.

To help diet

Enhance the effect of the diet by using exercise. Even with minimal dietary restrictions but with regular half-hour charger can be a week to lose even more than 2 pounds. During charging, twist the Hoop, squat, jump rope, swing a press. Excellent help to lose weight Jogging, swimming, Biking, skating, rollerblading and skiing.

If possible, walk on massage for weight loss, which well affects the blood and lymphatic system, accelerates metabolism, promotes fat breakdown and out of the body.

To speed up the breakdown of fat help bath for weight loss. Daily take a hot bath with 200 g of sodium and 300 g of sea salt - this procedure promotes relaxation, boost metabolism and reduction of cellulite. A similar effect will give you and sauna – visit her for a week at least a couple of times and you will lose weight by 2 kilogram.