Well losing weight, if during the day you drink only mineral water. Preferably without gas. Suitable for such cases medical-table waters. Such as "Borzhomi", "Essentuki" and others. The whole day you can drink water as much as you want. But be sure to use at least one and a half liters a day.
General description of the fasting day, during which you will lose up to one kilogram of weight on apples. Divide into five parts, one kilo of green apples, even better seasonal growing in your area. Throughout the day, five days eat only apples. Additionally drink water boiled cooled, bottled, mineral. You need to drink 1.5-2 liters during the whole day.
Spend all day on yogurt one percent fat. Throughout the day your diet is only a liter of yogurt, divided into parts, as well as drinking water. You can drink water as much as you want.
Another type of fasting days for weight loss green tea and buckwheat porridge, cooked in a special way. Except for three or four cups of green tea in this day you need to drink a liter of plain drinking water. Buckwheat cooking. The evening before the fast day you washed glass grains. Then fill it with boiling water in a saucepan (2 cups). Warm wrap the pot with a towel. The next morning, buckwheat can be consumed.
Strengthen the action of the fasting day for more active physical movements. Roll the Hoop around your waist for half an hour or pedal the bike home. Take a walk outdoors, vigorously stepping in this time. The more you do the steps, the sooner you will lose weight. You can perform a half-hour exercises at home or visit for this purpose the fitness center.