Caring for lacquer finish

Patent leather is very smooth leather with a dense surface that is covered by the lacquer film. It is capricious and susceptible to damage the material, so wear patent leather shoes very carefully. It is even slightly touch the edge of the boot behind some corner or ledge and the paint will appear a scratch, which irreparably spoil the appearance of the Shoe. Lacquer shoes should not be worn every day, street dirt and damp will make a shiny surface tarnish. Generally, shoes made of patent leather must be protected from the negative effects of moisture, chemicals and temperature extremes. She especially does not like cold weather, at temperatures below ten degrees on the varnish there is a network of cracks.

How to remove scratches?

Removal of cracks and scratches on the patent shoes is best to use special oils, balms or special milk. Buy similar products at major Shoe stores, and this is best done in conjunction with the purchase of shoes. You can ask the consultant to recommend a specific tool that is best suited in color.

Unfortunately, against a deep and wide scratches, these tools help rarely. In this case, comes to the aid of regular nail Polish. The easiest way to use it to get rid of visible scratches on the black lacquer shoes, for color choose the right shade that won't change color after drying, is quite difficult. After applying nail Polish I need to wait for complete drying, and then carefully polished shoes. This method allows you to return favorite shoes or boots presentable, but the paint needs to update once a week. However, this procedure is not time consuming.

Please note that to clean patent leather shoes, normal Shoe Polish is not the best idea. This lacquer footwear can tarnish over time and lose the attraction. It is best to chafe shoes from this material the usual onion, cutting the onion into two halves. After this procedure, you need to Polish the surface with a soft velvet cloth. With regular use, this technology the shoes are very long will be shiny and new in appearance.

It is very important to periodically lubricate lacquer coating with vaseline or glycerin, particularly before going out in shiny shoes on the street in the cold season. Instead of glycerin you can use castor oil, it is wonderfully protects the shoes from cracking.