In order to upgrade to a leather bag, to begin to clean it. Take a wet cloth and wipe her product, carefully remove the dust from all the folds. After that, prepare a solution in water add some liquid soap and a few drops of ammonia, all mixed. Treat thing this squad. Grease repair using chalk, mash it, put on the spot and leave for 24 hours.

Once the bag is cleaned, please update it with glycerin. He will restore original luster. Simply apply the substance on a cotton swab and wipe the thing.

Inspect the accessory on the presence of scuffs and scratches. To disguise them using the "liquid skin". This tool can be purchased at any store that sells leather goods. Select the desired shade. Before applying the composition on the bag, check in an inconspicuous spot, if it fits in color.

Update your leather bag using a special paint, which comes in the form of spray or spray. Apply the dye on the surface of things to an even layer and leave to dry. Also first spray the spray on an inconspicuous area. With the help of this tool you will be able to drastically change the color of the accessory, you just add brightness.

Old and posechenny hardware also gives the product elegance. Fight back her bags. Go to a specialty store and buy a new one. Attach it.

Updating the outer side of the leather bags, pay attention to the lining. Even though she is invisible to others, but you know she is pretty shabby, and in some places there were and holes. To remedy the situation, cut it off, leaving about a centimetre of fabric to the top of the bag. To her you are going to sew a new one. Make pattern for new lining on it, and cut the fabric part and sew them. Sew the lining inside the product. Do not forget to bend the edges so that the slices were inside.