Advice 1: How to remove scratches on a leather couch

Leather furniture is elegant and beautiful. She almost never goes out of fashion. Leather sofa testifies to the resilience of the financial situation of the family and that the owners good taste. Such furniture is only one drawback – it is very easy to scratch. However, to get rid of scratches, unless the skin is not property through and through, not a problem at all.
Leather furniture indicates a strong financial position

What I need to fix

Successful repair depends on whether the right materials and tools. To eliminate scratches on a leather sofa, you will need:
cream for footwear;
- olive oil;
- a cotton swab;
- cotton fabric;
- iron
- paint in the color of the skin.

Sometimes the sofa enclosed repair kit. It may consist of a piece of leather, glue, paint, etc. Try to keep it. The piece of skin can determine the type of material and method of coloring. A tube of paint need to be able to pick up in the shop the same. This will greatly facilitate the process, because the scratch will be easy to paint, after reading the instructions on the package. Some manufacturers of leather furniture offer their clients and other service the paint and tools can be purchased from the same company with a big discount.

Elimination without paint

A scratch can be eliminated by using olive oil, but first it makes sense to experiment on a piece of exactly the same leather. Take some olive oil and a cotton swab. Moisten with the oil and scratch the area of skin around it. It is best to RUB in a circular motion. Let the skin get dry. Hours would be enough. A shallow scratch will disappear. If this happens, the procedure should be repeated another two times.

If the oil did not help

If, after lubricating oil, the scratch will not go away, try to eliminate it in the following way. Again, brush the scratched place. Take a piece of cotton fabric. Put it on the scratch and allow the moisture to soak in. Remove the cloth. When the skin dries, the scratch should disappear. Eating this did not happen, again soak the cloth and apply to the scratch and let the water soak in. Then, without removing the cloth, smooth out the damaged place a warm iron. If necessary, repeat the procedure. Iron cannot be kept in one place for long. Smooth for ten seconds is enough. This method is based on properties of the oils are best absorbed under the influence of water and heat.

Using Shoe cream

Sometimes to cope with scratches helps ordinary Shoe cream, benefit it is sold in a range of shades. This method is only good for small shallow scratches. The cream does not eliminate damage, but makes them virtually invisible. Take some cream on a cloth or cotton swab, apply it on the scratched location and a good massage. Scratches will be imperceptible to the eye, but only in the case that product color exactly matches the hue of the skin. This method usually works, if the furniture is black or white.

Advice 2: How to identify leather shoes

Leather is a material that is often enough to fake guise of the original put up for sale. Fakes are so well made that they are difficult to identify. But to make it all possible.
How to identify leather shoes
Store leather boots a drop of water. If the skin is present, it should absorb moisture. If the Cabinet is a shoes leatherette, the water will drain, and the surface will remain absolutely dry. If the drop flows down on the skin it leaves a wet trail, which dries up after some time. If the material is really high quality, after drying, water white marks should not remain on the boots.
Real leather does not burn. If the shoes for some time to bring the lighter, then nothing will happen. But the leatherette at the slightest contact with fire begins to melt. However, in the store itself you are unlikely to conduct such an experiment.
Hold the boots in his hands. Genuine leather has the ability to heat up and retains heat for some time. Substitute is also able to heat up, but he immediately and cools. In addition, the skin is much softer and nicer to the touch than leather.
Smell shoes. Leather has a peculiar smell not too strong. If the product has been processed with all the rules, you may even be able to feel light unobtrusive flavor. However, the smell is not an indication that the thing is really made of genuine leather. Now the cunning manufacturers of leather to simulate the smell began to add leather shavings.
With special attention to visually inspect all joints. Of them in any case must not protrude the skin. If you find something suspicious, then do not purchase this shoes. After all, the product leatherette impractical, it will be worn much less than leather.
Useful advice
It is not necessary to purchase in the market or in the newly opened stores leather. Trust only has had time to prove from a positive side the cabins.
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