You will need
  • - Soft wax for furniture,
  • hard wax for furniture,
  • - bar furniture,
  • - felt cloth
  • - soldering iron or lighter
  • - iodine.
In order to fix scratches on furniture from MDF or chipboard, you can use the furniture with soft wax. It is designed for repairing scratches, cracks, chips and dents on laminate and wood surfaces. And to ensure that the damaged section of water resistance. It can be bought in specialized shops, choosing the right colors for furniture. Apply wax method of rubbing over the damaged area, but if the scratch is small. If you have formed a chip on furniture, take a knife or other hard object, cut a small piece and RUB into the chip. Remove the excess piece of plastic and then Polish the damaged area clean with a felt cloth.
In addition to soft furniture wax used and solid. The only difference is that it is most resistant to mechanical impact, and it must be applied in molten form. To get the solid wax is slightly harder than soft, the color scheme is less extensive, and it is much more expensive. Melt the solid wax with a conventional lighter or soldering iron and apply abundantly on the damaged area. Cool it for three seconds and remove excess wax. If necessary, sand the repair location.
Nowadays you can buy a special tool for repairing scratches on furniture, the so-called bar furniture. It is increasingly being used by organizations who sell furniture to eliminate scratching and chipping during Assembly and transport of furniture. Furniture bar shake before use and apply the composition in 1-3 layers, depending on the damage of the furniture. Leave to dry for 5-10 minutes and remove excess with a damp cloth.
Iodine can be used not only for medical purposes but also in order to hide scratches on furniture. To do this, soak a cotton swab in iodine and apply to the location of the scratch layer by layer until then, until the color of the scratch is level with the furniture color.