Neurogenic cough is a symptom pointing to various abnormalities of the nervous system. Its appearance explains the irritation arising in the cerebral cortex, resulting in trigger cough reflex. In other words, this type of cough is not physical reasons, that is causing his illness. However, only after the complete exclusion of all possible diseases and pathologies can talk about neurotic, psychogenic the origin of the cough.


Neurogenic cough has a number of characteristic features. As a rule, is frequent, clear, with a dry coughing that can grow in a variety of stressful situations and disappear in a relaxed state, for example, during sleep.

Thus, nervous coughs manifest themselves to a greater extent in moments of great mental stress. You can say that this kind of protective reaction to an event. Such a cough can manifest as arbitrarily and unconsciously.

Being arbitrary, it is an artificial symptom, designed to help its possessor to draw attention to themselves. Unconscious the cough can be a result of a previously suffering a lung disease and now looks more like the established reflex. In addition, it may indicate a firmly entrenched mental experiences that are sometimes at the subconscious level. Only a trained psychotherapist is able to identify the true causes of concern of the patient, and nervous coughing as a consequence.

Typically, after diagnosis the patient is assigned a complex treatment with drugs acting on the medulla, where the functions are suppressed cough reflex.

Folk remedy to combat a nervous cough

Along with medication, in the fight with a nervous cough and stress in General can help and folk remedies. So, to help calm the nervous experience of different kind of teas and infusions of herbs.

Infusions should be prepared based 15-20 grams of raw materials for 200 ml boiling water. So, the collection of medicinal Valerian, marsh cudweed, motherwort and Heather can not only remove the bouts of neurogenic cough, and to relieve nervous disorders, panic attacks and feelings of fear.

Thyme is not only able to remove nervous tension and relieve stress, but also strengthens the nerves in General. And Valerian removes neurotic symptoms by reducing the excitability of the Central nervous system.

It is also useful to take baths with the addition of medicinal herbal teas Valerian, chamomile and lavender. So, lavender is able to restore the nervous system, Valerian will help to remove the spasmodic condition of the larynx, and chamomile and is able to eliminate the nervous coughing.

No less effective is considered and alcohol tinctures. The recommended dose for adults –30-35 drops for children is calculated by a count of years. So, hawthorn is useful when excessive anxiety and nervousness, it enhances the circulation of the brain. Nettle great tones and invigorates, and tincture of a peony, in contrast, has a calming effect and relieves coughing. The infusion of Leonurus able to catch my breath and regain composure, suppressing the constant urge to cough. Sleep-grass is also able to eliminate neurogenic cough, generally raising the tone of the nervous system of the body.

There are a number of other drugs that can help in the treatment and elimination of symptoms of the nervous throat noises, such as aralia, Angelica, echinopanax, Pimpernel-kamenolomy, Siberian ginseng, Rhaponticum carthamoides and others. The main thing – remember that any, even the most efficient plant can have a number of contraindications, so without consulting a doctor in this matter.