Advice 1: How to treat a cough at home

Cough is a protective reflex, while it is the jerky muscle contraction, followed by a sharp release of air from the lungs. Inside this body is coated with a special sensitive receptors, irritation and triggers the cough reflex mechanism, which aims at removal of foreign bodies, mucus, and bacteria.
How to treat a cough at home
Cough can be called a useful phenomenon, it should not be fought, on the contrary, need to help easy, taking various expectorants. If this phenomenon start, it goes into a chronic stage. Especially need to pay close attention if the cough persists for a long time, as in this case, the standard treatment will not help.

The treatment of wet cough

At home to cure a wet cough is quite simple. The main objective of treatment is to accelerate the excretion of mucus accumulated in the lumen of the respiratory organs. To do this, you must try to take more fluids. For this purpose perfect tea of currant, wild rose, raspberry and Linden. Get rid of the cough may help a blend of honey and hazelnut. It is very simple, you need to grind 20 grams of nuts and mix them with 100 grams of honey. The resulting mixture is recommended to be consumed throughout the day in small portions, drinking warm milk.

Also when you cough, you can use the healing properties of onions. The vegetable should be cut, fill with sugar and wait a bit. Take onion juice should be in small portions throughout the day. On the following day the patient will cough much less. With a wet cough help inhalation with eucalyptus oil. This procedure will be able to quickly recover.

Treatment of dry cough

A dry cough is not very useful for the body, so treatment is not stimulation, but rather, suppression or translation in the wet form. Good result gives a chest massage and inhalation. Also in this case will require the use of drugs.

But people's methods should not be forgotten. So, to alleviate a dry cough can be due to goose fat. You will need to prepare a mixture, consisting of him and chopped onions. Then it must be rubbed before going to sleep in the neck and chest. However, this method is not suitable for those who tomorrow have to go to work, because the onion smell is very strong and get rid of it will not be easy. A dry cough can be cured with a decoction of nettles. It should be drunk several times a day.

And to cough passed into the wet form, you will need to make a decoction of elecampane or mother and stepmother. It is recommended to use after 30 minutes after was drinking a decoction of nettles. This treatment will require discipline, but the next day the cough will bother much less, and later gone completely.

Advice 2: How to treat baby cough

Baby cough – the phenomenon is quite common, and it can appear in a child of any age. It occurs as a reflex to irritation of the trachea, the bronchial tree or pharynx.
How to treat baby cough
If you experience coughing on the mucous membrane there are clusters of viruses, allergens, foreign bodies. It is this process that frees the respiratory tract, clears them.

The cough is dry and wet. Dry usually occurs when SARS, the initial stage of pneumonia, whooping cough, pleurisy, bronchial asthma. Wet appears in most wet bronchitis, pneumonia and some forms of tuberculosis.

Food and child care during illness

Faster will help to cope with cough regular ventilation of the room in which the patient is a child, no indoor tobacco smoke, moisture in the room air, placing infants on the stomach (in this case the stimulation of the process of expectoration of sputum), vibration massage thorax respiratory gymnastics. You can ask your child to inflate balloons, blow through a straw in a glass of water to the surface pop up bubbles.

Coughing kids eat oatmeal porridge, mashed potatoes with lots of milk. An effective remedy for this disease is the grape, as it heals the lungs, promotes expectoration. You can drink grape juice with one teaspoon of honey. You should never give your child sugary drinks, especially soda. Also, try to exclude from the diet of the baby candy and other sweet products.

Of drugs in the fight against children's cough will help to "Linkas", "Geelix", "Pour", "Bronchipret", "Bad" and other means. However, they have age restrictions and contraindications, so you can use them only after consulting your doctor.

Home remedies for cough

Infusion of marsh mallow is a very effective remedy for children's coughs. Spoon small leaf medicinal marshmallow need to insist in a thermos for one hour, the Gulf Cup of boiling water. Giving a sick child a teaspoon every 6 hours.

For inhalation, you can use the leaves or eucalyptus oil. Brew the infusion in a Cup, turn the funnel a sheet of paper. The wide edge of the crater wear on the mug, using the narrow edge of the child should inhale the steam.

A strong cough will calm and cure mineral water with milk. In the Cup you need to pour in half the hot milk and alkaline water. Hot milk with a spoonful of honey will help when the cough starts tickling in the throat. The kids to warm milk is better to add figs.

Children will love the other delicious medicine for cooking that you need to mix 100 g of honey and butter, add the sachet of vanilla, mix well. Let this remedy to children 1 teaspoon a day.
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