Advice 1: How to soothe a night cough

Painful night cough appears at the beginning of the cold and only gradually passes into the wet. To get rid of dry cough does not always work, because the bacteria irritate the throat and provoke another attack.
How to soothe a night cough
If you're just sick and expectorate no effect, take the drug that contains codeine. This remedy relieves coughing, but use it no more than 3 days in a row. Before use, consult your doctor. If you have side effects, as described in more detail in the annotation, stop taking the drug.
A safer way to get rid of dry cough is steam inhalation. Boil a liter of water and add a teaspoon of baking soda. Breathe on the fumes, and then immediately go to sleep. Pair of soda not only softens the mucosa, but also promote elimination of pathogenic bacteria. Inhalation spend every day 3-4 times. Instead of soda will fit and essential oil, for example, fir or tea tree.
Take expectorant drugs or herbs. Good help decoction of marsh rosemary or thyme. In a glass of water, brew 2 tablespoons of herbs, take 50 ml 3 times a day. These herbs help to win a dry cough just a few days.
Buy peppermint bark. Dissolve in mouth before bedtime – this will soften the mucous. In pharmacies you can meet a special lozenge containing a decoction of herbs and oil. Release them as a brand, so ask the pharmacist. Side effects should not be, as the medicinal components of synthetic origin are not, is only possible allergic reactions.
Dissolve a teaspoon of honey in a glass of warm milk. Add a pinch of baking soda. Slowly drink warm milk and go to bed.
If nocturnal cough, especially dry stops not more than 2 weeks, go to the hospital. The doctor will prescribe you potent medications that will help to overcome the disease. Remember that self-medication can trigger the development of chronic bronchitis, asthma and other serious diseases.

Advice 2: How to get rid of a cough with folk remedies

Cough - the companion of many allergies and colds. In addition to drug therapy, there are time-tested folk remedies that help to quickly get rid of this disease.
How to get rid of a cough with folk remedies
You will need
  • -milk;
  • -dry figs;
  • -cranberry;
  • -med;
  • mother and stepmother;
  • -marshmallow;
  • -oregano;
  • -berries of viburnum;
  • -black radish;
  • the roots of mallow;
  • -badger fat.
If you suffer from bouts of dry cough, you can try to get rid of it in the following way: boil a glass of milk and add two tablespoons of dried figs. Allow the mixture to steep for thirty minutes. It is necessary to take half Cup two to four times per day.
A dry cough can be overcome and with the help of cranberry juice, laced with a tablespoon of honey. Means you need to drink in the form of heat at night.
If you are not allergic to herbs, then the dry cough you can try the following recipe: take two tablespoons of mother and stepmother, two tablespoons of marshmallow and one tablespoon of marjoram. Combine the herbs, then take one tablespoon of composition and pour 500 ml of hot water. Allow to steep for four hours, then strain and cover with a lid. This infusion drink half a Cup 3-4 times a day.
If you suffer from wet cough, treatment of folk remedies will focus primarily on the speedy expectoration. Take viburnum berries, mash them through a sieve. Mix the berries with honey in equal proportions and take this part 3-4 times a day.
The perfect remedy for a wet cough , you can cook with black radish. Take one glass of its juice, mix with one tablespoon of honey, put on fire. Once the mixture boils, it should remove from heat and cool. To make this tool need three drinks in thirty minutes before meals three or four times a day.
Wonderful remedy for cough - badger fat. They need to RUB the chest at night, it is important that the patient has been heat wrapped.
If you suffer from smokers cough, you can try the following recipe: take half a liter of milk and a few roots of the mallow. Make a decoction and take 50 ml three to four times a day.
The cough may be a manifestation of serious disease, so before you start to treat it at home, you should consult with your doctor.
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