You will need
  • - milk, soda, honey;
  • - cranberries, honey, sugar syrup;
  • - marshmallow root;
  • - expectorant drugs;
  • mother and stepmother;
  • - the infusion of pine buds;
  • - milk, oats.
Drink more warm liquids. It thins mucus, which helps its easy passage. The drink should be warm and plentiful – teas, juices, fruit drinks, herbal drinks.
Moisten the air – dry air causes drying of the mucus, proliferation of bacteria, makes it difficult to discharge the contents of the bronchi of the lungs. Wetter than is the air in the room, the faster you get rid of phlegm.
Use drainage exercises. Find the position in which the mucus leaves the best – it may be the knee-elbow position, raise legs and torso above the head, the oxygen side-lying with pulled up to his chest knees.
Drink medicinal teas and mixture – mix warm milk, soda and honey, and SIP slowly. Prepare the drink of cranberries, honey and sugar syrup – take tablespoons five times a day, alternating reception with the use of cranberry or cranberry juice. Prepare an infusion of marshmallow root, or take the finished syrup – the plant is well liquefies phlegm.
Take expectorant drugs – ACC, mucolytics. They make the phlegm liquid to facilitate its removal, simultaneously cropped bouts of coughing. Infusions mother-and-stepmother also help alleviate the condition and to act on the consistency of phlegm.
Do coniferous inhalation. The moist air clears the respiratory tract, mucus comes out easier and faster.
Warm oil compresses help to stimulate the mucus, and make breathing easier. Instead of butter you can use mashed potatoes, dry heat, honey cakes.
Take a course of special massage. Drainage massage can be chiseled or canned, in any case, the impact on certain points stimulates the production of phlegm.
Prepare the infusion of pine buds – pour boiling water and steep for half an hour. Drink it twice a day.
A milk decoction of oats bring to the boil, wait until it boils away half of the volume, and the resulting slurry grind through a sieve. Cook this mixture three times a day drink servings per serving. Every morning on an empty stomach, eat a small piece of butter, washed down with tea or coffee.