Diseases in which severe cough

Asthma is the most common disease in which there is a dry cough. Then it becomes more painful and sometimes even have a gag spasm. Bronchial asthma attack can last about an hour. It can provoke various allergens (irritating gases, tobacco smoke, animal dander). Also asthma is exacerbated under high emotional load.

Tracheitis may occur on the background of colds. Often it manifests itself quite unexpectedly when inhaling cold air. The cough in tracheitis is often accompanied by sputum with pus. Acute bronchitis is usually caused cough. It is a disease of a catarrhal nature, which may arise as a result of hypothermia.

Painful cough can also be a symptom of such dangerous diseases as tuberculosis. Especially characteristic of tuberculosis, nocturnal cough and the emergence of a strong fever. Pneumonia is often accompanied by the presence of pain in the chest. Then there is a strong cough, fever and General weakness occurs.

In children the occurrence of gag reflex it is possible for the disease pertussis. The disease develops gradually, and the cough becomes convulsive. Seizures can be repeated up to 50 times a day. Sometimes whooping cough also occur epistaxis and hemoptysis.

The causes of cough to vomiting in children and adults

In addition to the above diseases, there are other causes of vomiting during severe coughing. For example, the accumulation of mucus in the nose and throat often leads to the emergence of such symptoms. If you do not vysmarkivatsya not to spit out the snot, you may experience the gag reflex of the body. That is why it is recommended small children to rinse the nasal passages with a special solution in case of such problems. Also vomiting while coughing may occur in a child when the usual catarrhal disease.

Causes severe coughing with vomiting in adults, often become infection of the respiratory tract. In addition, the cough may be caused by Smoking, inhalation of some toxic substances and dust mites. Similar symptoms can occur even in heart failure or diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. Often severe cough caused by taking ACE inhibitors.