How to choose the right place to set up camp

At first glance it seems that there is nothing difficult in installing tents there. Stretch rope twines, install the pegs and you're done. There are actually a lot of tricks that may make your overnight stay as comfortable as possible. And most importantly, proper installation of the tent - site selection.

Perfect for tents place is a dry hill. The higher it is, the better. It has several advantages. First, if it rains, all the water will drain down and flood the tent. Secondly, on the hill, often in a gentle breeze, which kills mosquitoes and other insects. Thirdly, and most pleasant, with hills usually has a very beautiful view.

You should pay attention to whether there with a tent of rotten trees - they could fall in a gust of wind. To test the ground - attack stronger. If any moisture is to select a dry place. To see if a number of nests, animal trails.

Finding the right place will have to do its work to clear the land from stones and debris. If it's chilly outside, you can insulate the bottom of the tent by using spruce spruce branches. For this you need to cut several large branches with fluffy needles and put them where a tent will be. Needles will create an additional layer between the bottom and the ground, with a featherbed tourists will not freeze even in winter.

How to set up a tent

The tent must be removed from the bag and lay on the ground or twigs stout bottom down. To assemble the arc tube by inserting one into the other. Then, depending on the design of the tent. If it is a modern tent with awning, arcs overlap each other crosswise, the lower inserted in special holes at the bottom of the tent. Then the arcs with plastic hooks fastened the bottom layer of the tent. Pounces on top of the tent, into the pockets of which pass through the arc. The arcs of the awning is secured inside the plastic holders. Then the arc is tightly inserted in the ground. Then stretch the twine at the corners, and the tent is secured with pegs. The pegs need to drive into the ground tight to a gust of wind knocked the tent.

Triangular tents of old structures rarely equipped with awnings. In addition, they have no special arcs that stand have to make from scrap materials - thick knots. You need to choose two dry branches and set them inside the tent, resting in a canopy. Then stretch the twine and secure them with pegs. A tent is better to cover with plastic as a tarp moisture and in the rain you might get wet. Polyethylene is attached to the tent using a conventional clothes pegs. And to be stretched and was not created creases along the edges you can tie the ropes and secure the polyethylene tent pegs.