You will need
  • tent;
  • - pegs;
  • stand/arc.
Select a suitable location. The earth's surface should be smooth and clean. It is desirable to set up a tent in the woods, away from trees and bodies of water where there are many mosquitoes. If you have to put the tent on the slope, then position them so that the head of the lying man was above the feet. Due to this state of sleeping in a tent does not slide on each other.
Before how to assemble the tent, remove the tent from the bag with all the parts included in the kit. Lay the tent on the ground so that the bottom was the bottom. For gable tent immediately tie the bottom to stakes driven into the ground, first on one diagonal, then on the other. The bottom should lie on the ground straight, not arching. The pegs must be inserted into the ground at three quarter angle of 45 degrees.
Collect the arc or rack. In a domed tent insert tubes one within the other, and their ends placed in the grommets located around the perimeter of the bottom. In the tent-house assemble the strut and insert the top into the slots at the ceiling.
Fasten the inner tent to the arcs. For this purpose special hooks in the arc tent. In some models of tents arc arc first inserted into fabric loops, and then secured in the grommets.
Fling and drag outdoor tent. In arc the tent, attach the tent to the outer corners. In the gable tent, stretch tent along the first, i.e., using 2 pegs in the front, and rear at a distance of 2-3 meters from the tent. Then symmetrically attach to the pegs the side. The upper canopy should be stretched as much as possible, so as not to come into contact with the inner tent, and have a triangular shape with equal rays.
Secure the bottom of the dome tent. For a tent of this type to put the pegs away from her is not necessary. To set up a tent, tie him to the bottom and revolving entrances top of the awning, if any.