What are the designs of tents

Before buying a tent for Hiking trip, determine the terrain where you will put it, the number of prospective tenants and, importantly, the time of year. The great value has the internal living space of the tent.

Among the most common designs of tents – tent tent, spherical "bug" and the tent "house". Tent tent can accommodate large groups of tourists. Metal frame tents are made from duralumin, a very reliable and durable. Tent tent can withstand winds of any strength.

Tents of the "turtles" are designed for small groups. In one tent can sleep up to 4 people.

Tent "houses" are the most popular among couples, but fairly little to protect its inhabitants from the weather and wind gusts. Besides, to set up such a tent requires some skill and experience. It is best to choose a tent, you will surely be able to install quickly and without hassle.

A few tips before you buy a tent

Choosing a bike, you should first pay attention to the millimeters of waterproofness of our tent. Usually this figure is from 2000 to 3000 mm in./sq. m, and the thickness of the bottom of the tent needs to be twice.

When buying a tent it is advisable to ask a consultant to install it at the store so I can see how it is installed. It is useful to practice setting the tent at home.

Going on a walking journey, you should be reinforced with plastic, which must lay at the bottom, so it does not SAG and better protect the tent from moisture and dampness.

Reception tent should be made of plastic, and of duralumin or aluminum.

The awning must not touch the walls of the tent. Touch awning must be firm and evenly stretched. Different sagging or excessive tension of the tent talking about the defect. Before installing the tent it is recommended to lubricate all the joints.

Theoretically, the tent should weigh about 1 kg, but the weight may be 5 or even 6 kg. to Carry such tent is not very comfortable, unless you travel by car.

Among the most common characteristics of tent, such as rubberized floors with curved edges, side pockets, mesh sections, ventilation, reinforced nylon walls of the tent. Conveniently located stand inside the tent.

It is desirable that the tent had two exits and entry vestibule where you can change clothes and take off their shoes. Completely closing the tent, the tent must not touch the tent.

Among tourists from St. Petersburg are considered to be good tents, but it all depends on the complexity of the selected route and time of year.