You will need
  • cloth;
  • rubber adhesive;
  • - braid;
  • - sewing machine;
  • pencil;
  • paper;
  • - hemp rope;
  • - eyelets
Select the model of the tent

There are many different kinds of tourist tents - lean-to, gable, trehskatnye tents, tent bags, tents, etc. However, the most widely tent-houses, designed for summer Hiking. They are easy to install and fairly comfortable. Besides, they are easy to sew yourself, because they have an efficient and simple cutting.
Determine the size of the tent

It is necessary to determine how many people designed your tent. The most rational is to sew tents for 2-4 people. Note that the floor size for one person, typically 50/200 see Plan berths and space for necessary things.

Define the height. In determining this option, be aware that the larger the height of your tent, the more its windage. A compromise is considered to be the height of 150 cm.
Make a drawing of the tent in the desired scale. Calculate the required amount of materials.
Select fabric

From the choice of fabric will depend on the weight of your tent. Which, of course, is a very important factor in field conditions. Tents can be sewing from a special rubberized fabric and a thin canvas or thick cotton cloth. However, for ease of construction it is recommended to use a nylon fabric of high strength.
Make cutting fabric in accordance with the previously made drawing.
Stitch detail, focusing on the pattern made. To avoid leakage, the panels must be sewn with a double seam. RUB the seam with a rubber adhesive. The back wall and floor of the tent are sewn, as a rule, from the more dense material.
Wash and dry the braid. This is necessary in order to later she gave shrinkage. Hem the ridge of your tent.
Insert the thin rope hemmed between the braid and the ridge. Tie loops at the ends of the rope. Cover the hinge with a special patch and carefully sew it around the perimeter and the cross, grasping the material and rope. For these loops will be attached stretch marks, so it is very important that they were securely fixed..
Make holes for the struts at the ends of the ridge and install them in the grommets.
Make the entrance to the tent, using two panels of fabric. To close the inlet by means of special hinges and clasps.
Equip at the entrance secures the nut. It will protect the tent from dirt and water.