Advice 1: Tent with their hands: how to make her beautiful

If you love to travel, but the tent you have, try to do it themselves. Of course, in the stores you can pick up a tent for every taste. But in the tent, made with his own hands, and to relax becomes more enjoyable. Tents are usually sewn, or of rubberized percale, or from the tent fabric, which is a impregnated linen cloth. To make a waterproof fabric you any of the following methods.
Shall we go camping?
Put a linen cloth in a 40% solution of yellow Laundry soap. Once the fabric is saturated, remove the cloth and dip it in a 20% solution of copper sulfate. Get, dry. A waterproof fabric is ready.
Mix an aqueous solution of acetate of lead (30 g per liter of water) with a solution of aluminium sulphate (21 g, 350 ml of water). Stir until complete mixing and strain the resulting composition through the muslin. Now put this mixture for 15 minutes the fabric, and then pull it out and dry without squeezing.
Dip the cloth in a solution of 90 parts water, 10 parts glue, 1 part dvuhromovokislyj potassium and 1 part of acetic acid. After that, remove and dry.
Some tips on making the tent. The floor of the tent and its back better stitching of thicker and more durable material than the main part.
Panels connect double thick seam, coated rubber adhesive. This will keep the seams of the tent from leakage.
Miss the thick rope of hemp between the braid and the ridge. And then for the ends of the rope tied around the loops, attach the stretch. In addition, the location of the hinge should be closed special patch.
At the ends of the ridge to make the holes for the pillars, secure them with a light grommets (metal clips) or sewn sturdy and thick thread. Over the grommets would be better to sew the cap. It will prevent water intrusion into the hole.
In the rear wall make a hole with a sleeve for ventilation. And the entrance is made of two halves. The cloth you will be able to fasten with a rope zips or fastenings and hinges. And don't forget to secure the sill at the entrance to protect themselves from dirt and water.
The tent should be stored together with pegs and racks in the case. When laying it in the case, the tent must be completely dry. If you are going to use the tent for a long time, wipe with a cloth talcum powder and roll them.

Advice 2: How to make a winter tent made of polyethylene

Despite the huge variety of models of tents for ice fishing, sold in the shops of tourist equipment, fishermen are trying to develop their designs. And due to the desire to have easy, quick tent, for the manufacture of which is the best suited plastic film.
How to make a winter tent made of polyethylene
You will need
  • - Plastic film;
  • strips of tarpaulin;
  • as the tape;
  • - locking fastener;
  • - a sewing machine.
Constructive solution of a homemade tent is quite simple. It consists of four pillars, covered with a tent made of plastic film. The entrance to this tent is made on the lock-lightning. The parts connected by bushings, one end of which is pressed on and the other goes inside the tube. For vertical racks are perfect old aluminum ski poles. To the upper hinge, they are fixed by a lock spring.
Fabricate frame of the desired size, then place it on the rack the required distance, and the tips of them connect between a conventional cord.
Sew the awning from strips of tarpaulin and plastic film, whose thickness must not be less than 0.2-0.3 mm. For this pre-sew strips of canvas on the sewing machine, and then pitch them from the top cap, which will close the hinge. Ready canvas strips best baste on the frame, after which you can sew on the machine. This is best to use nylon thread.
Pull on the frame ready canvas base and baste polyethylene and lightning, and then finally sew them on the sewing machine. For additional fastening of an awning to the frame against each kink resistant and the bottom need to sew tie closure. When sewing the tapes don't forget the inner side to enclose the tapes and the machine to put on the biggest step. At the top of the tent polyethylene is collected and closed by a cap made of the same film or piece of canvas, and then clamped by means of bolt-lamb.
Sew the loop at the base of the tent. In the future they will need to secure the tent. They inserted pins, which, in turn, driven into the ice. Ready awning sew to the hinge.
Based on the design of winter tents, it's easy to make and a summer version of the single which can find its application not only in fishing.
Useful advice
Below the awning is not moved away from the counter, fold up the tent in the wind. Otherwise it is not excluded that cut plastic awning struts.

Folding tent, fold out the awning by hand and in one motion fold stand, adjusting in this film, and then put it into the case like a regular umbrella.
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