The bow tie came from the Roman legionaries. Severe warriors protected the neck from the rubbing of the parts of the cuirass scarves. They tied them under the throat with a bow, resembling the wings of a butterfly. Much later this type of tie has become a fixture elegant male costume: tails, tuxedo.

The twentieth century brought its own changes. The tie began to adorn women, men and children outfits. Now they are worn with blouses, costumes, dresses, even t-shirts. It turned out that Prissy butterfly may be romantic, imaginative, mischievous and easily fits almost any ensemble.

How to start sewing a bow tie

You can sew a bow tie from black dense silk and be satisfied with it. But it would be better, given the ease of fabrication, make it every time to a specific outfit. Time will take a little degree of difficulty – beginner level.

You need to decide what color, size and shape is bow tie. It can be colorful, striped, plaid. Though polka dots and speckles – but would harmonize with the main suit. The material should be dense and hard, it is good to keep in shape. Fit silk, cotton, taffeta or any other posypalis material. If the fabric is soft, then it is strengthened with interlining.

Now you need to decide the kind of ties to the tie. A narrow strip of the same fabric from which to sew the bow tie, or rubber band with a clasp. The easiest option is gum. But if you intend to wear a bow tie under a collar, it is better to go for the harness fabric.

Cut a bow tie

The main part of the butterfly is a rectangle of size 50 in 13.5 cm. the Second part is the rectangle 8 cm by 4 cm is the transverse part of the tie ring. And a narrow strip of fabric for ties. Her size is neck circumference in length plus a reserve under the clasp and 2cm in width. If the tie is assumed elastic, then sew a narrow fabric strip is not necessary. Need more shop buckle for the tie.

When cutting rectangular parts, consider seam. To stitch all the parts as close to the edge. To cut corners, to not bristled. All stitched items to turn on the front side with the help of knitting needles or a long stick and to steam through a damp cloth.

The formation of bow ties and bow tie

Of the main part, stitched, twisted and otvarennoy, forming a bow tie. It is important to share the finished strip into four equal parts and mark them with tailor chalk. Then accordion fold each half on the marked line and tack the layers to the middle.
Get folded four times with the ends in the middle of the main part of a future tie. Lightly steam iron through a wet cloth to keep the length of the bow.

On stage cross detail bow tie. Stitched, turned and otvarennuyu a strip of cloth to place across the billet bow ring. Sew hands durable seam on the wrong side of the workpiece. To fix the ring so as not to disturb the drape of the bow tie.

Now the complication. You need to pass under the ring prepared for a narrow strip of cloth that are designed for strings. To steam it should be carefully. The harness should be as flat and thin. Try to size the neck and fasten the clasp.

With the rubber band as ties will be even easier. It is not necessary to sew, not to turn out. You can do without the zipper. To pass the ring cross detail and sew the ends of elastic.

That's all, simple and not time-consuming, work on making the bow tie with his hands. Impressive, stylish, original. To every outfit it is possible to sew a new tie. One blouse - a few different color and shape of bow-ties and even boring office suit will be stylish and fashionable.