You will need
  • A tuxedo or jacket
  • Shirt
  • Mirror
  • Bow tie
Your shirt must be properly prepared before you put on not a butterfly. Make sure that it is correctly ironed, must be particularly well-ironed collar and sleeves. Remember that the collar of your shirt must be rigid, straight and smooth.
As soon as the shirt will be chosen and ironed, put it on and fasten all the buttons. Tuck in pants. From top to wear a tuxedo or a jacket.
Now pull up the collar of his shirt and wear a tie. Make sure the tie is tied correctly. If you don't know how to do this, simply purchase a pre-tied tie in the store. Make sure that the butterfly has symmetrical ends and does not protrude above the collar.
Align the butterfly, making sure it is tied exactly in the center of your shirt. The tie should not be hanging too low, it needs to fit snugly to the collar.
Choose a tie is not too big or small and fit your face. Also, the butterfly should approach the shape of a shirt collar. The width of the butterfly is about the same as the width of the collar or slightly less. Too little butterfly will visually enlarge the features of your face and neck, and too much butterfly will give you a comical appearance. It's OK if you are really a clown, but it's not okay if you are, for example, the groom or the Professor.
How to wear <strong>the butterfly</strong>
White butterflies are very well suited to black and gray shirt. And black tie is ideal in combination with white, beige, lilac or blue shirt. On the contrast look beautiful light green tie with dark green or Burgundy tie with a pink shirt.
Delicate butterflies look more elegant with a standard classical shape of the collar, wide butterfly shape, suitable for winged collar. Although you can wear a bowtie any suitable for you way, if you think you found the most comfortable for yourself. Moreover, you do not have to obey strict rules, if the event to which you invited, is not official and does not imply a strict dress code.
How to wear <strong>the butterfly</strong>