Take the wire and cut individual pieces with a length of 20 cm, two piece wire into a tight spiral, and then connect the ends of each spiral and secure it so that one tip was longer than the other, forming a rounded frame.
Then cut with scissors two pieces of white elastic nylon of sufficient size and they both fit an skeleton, pulling the nylon. Bundle fabric outside of the frame after covering, and the long end of the wire helix screw it.
Trim excess nylon. Do the same with the second frame. After both of the frame will be covered with nylon, give the wire the shape of the wings, flexing them gently. Stitch the wings together with thread or secure them with thin wire. The tips of the cut threads.
For the body of the butterfly you suitable metal barrette clip elongated. Snap it back into place at the junction of the two wings, after brushing the middle of a superglue.
Now take the prepared tube with liquid sequins and glitter, apply gently along the contour of the wings to hide the wire frame. The rest of the decor of the butterfly depends on your imagination – use beads, beads, paint and brushes to give the butterfly the right color and to paint on the wings patterns.
For uniformity of the background, mix the water with a small amount of paint and zahlreiche wings with a damp brush. Torso butterfly – clip – paint also with acrylic paints and mark the eyes.