Find a tiethat you really like. It is not easy – in most salons and Department stores don't sell butterflies. You have to find them, turning in boutiques of famous brands, beauty accessories and vintage shops. Sooner or later you will find the tie you want to wear.
There are butterflies that need to tie independently and with fixed node. Experts in style believe that if you have decided on such an unusual accessory, it is your responsibility to learn how to tie a tie myself. However, you can start with any models. Most importantly – how are you going to wear them.
To get started, try a simple, but effective combinations. Try a butterfly with a cotton shirt and a knit cardigan. Looks very elegant butterfly in the colors of shirts or different from it on a couple of shades. It is not necessary to choose a tie color cardigan or jacket – it will look deliberate and not negligent to remind the costume of a gentleman and a waiter.
Another win – win situation- cashmere turtleneck with a tweed jacket. They fit butterfly satin dark subdued tones. Printed fabric look much more interesting solid. Experiment with shades and textures, choosing original combinations.
Remember that a butterfly is always some outrageous claim for stylishness and uniqueness. Therefore, maintain the same style your entire wardrobe. Unusual color combinations and styles – small accessory is able to significantly expand the boundaries of fashion both for you and for others.
Selecting outerwear, prefer a long coat of good wool or a short-fur. No less interesting, the opposite option – short leather, denim or fur jackets. Your choice is accented by classic or Bohemian carelessness.