Advice 1: How to sew a pioneer cap

One of the most memorable moments of childhood are of summer camp. Every one had to wear a pioneer uniform, which was based on field cap red.
How to sew a pioneer cap
You will need
  • Satin bright colors, sewing supplies, the tape, thread for embroidery.
To prepare the pattern for the caps, measuring tape measure the head circumference and determine the depth of the headgear. The pattern should be slightly more ready caps because there needs to be overlaps on the seams (about 1 inch for the sides and 3 cm for podchinenija edges). Drawn blank must be the shape of a rectangle. The pattern can be done in several ways: caps with multiple seams on the sides within 270 to 180 mm, or with a single seam at the top with dimensions of approximately 520 180 mm.
Carefully pin the pattern to the fabric with safety pins and draw with chalk or sewing pencil. Cutting material, given the seam. Manually sweeps the details of the caps and try on the workpiece, if necessary, adjust its size by reducing or increasing them. Then carefully sew all the seams on the sewing machine. The edge of the fabric finish with a serger or zigzag seam.
Often on the garrison cap embroidered emblem of any camp. Her drawing prepare in advance. Often the contest by voting choose the best and then it and embroider in all caps. This can be done with absolutely any stitches: buttonhole, chain stitch, or stalked. The figure shows the emblems put on the fabric using transfer paper and embroider it.
Even the simplest cap can be decorated with cotton border, hand-made or ready. Sewing technique can vary depending on the skill of the master and his imagination. The edging or braid baste manually to the end of the piece or slightly above it, and then sew on a typewriter. The finished product carefully iron.

Advice 2: How to sew a dress in the style of 50-60 years

In 50-60 years was a popular dress with full skirt and fitted top. They looked very elegant and festive, so women today love to wear these feminine and romantic models. But since purchasing such a dress is not always possible, you can make yourself.
How to sew a dress in the style of 50-60 years

Sewing preparations

To sew a dress in the style of 50-60 years, take two and a half meters of knitted fabrics, whose width is half a meter, and the same tulle for the lining fabric. You will also need a linen elastic band and hidden zipper. To start, glue tape or how the pins several sheets of graph paper and draw two located in each other of the semicircle pattern for the upper skirt. The radius of the first semicircle must have 73.5 cm, and the second radius is 13.5 inches.

Similarly draw a pattern for the bottom of the skirt, only the size of the larger radius shall not be less than 90 centimeters, and the smaller 30 cm.

Then, the resulting parts must be cut so that each of them at the same time accounted for half of patterns of the upper and lower part of the skirt. For the construction of the pattern top dresses take a closed knit shirt, fold it in half, attach to the paper and draw the contour. Then set aside from the very top of the shirt measurements shoulder seam equal distance from the waist to the seam. Guide through the obtained point perpendicular and cut out the pattern. It is important not to confuse part of the skirt – to avoid this, you can put marks on the parts patterns.

Sewing dresses

As a result of the cutting you get the shelf back, two skirts and two of the paintings, which will consist of a circle skirt. With proper cutting will be a part of knitted fabric is cut from it two rectangles with a length of five meters and a width of 20 centimeters. Of them you'll make a beautiful belt for dress in the style of 50-60 years.

For sewing such dresses is recommended to choose tight and stretch-free fabric, and require a certain degree of sewing skills.

Before you begin to sew, first sew the front and the back, perform side and shoulder seams, leaving a small slit hidden zipper at left side seam. Then treat the neckline and armhole, and then move on to making the top of the skirt-the sun, contracep obtained items along the side seams and process hem line with slight tension on the thread. Skirt priamerica to the width of the waist and make the lower part of it by completing the side seams, lousy at the upper edge of the elastic and making the ruffles in two rows. The top also need to prisborivat. Finally, sew the waistband of the cut previously knitted rectangles. Feminine and elegant dress in the style of 50-60 years ready.
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