You will need
  • Fabric, interlining, scissors, tailor chalk, sewing machine, thread, needle
Select a fabric for your tie. The main requirement to it – it should hold the shape. Make pattern as shown on the diagram.
The distance marked on the diagram with the letter a, is 10 cm Distance B = 25 cm, H = 45 cm (this size varies depending on the circumference of the neck), G = 3.5 cm, D = 8 cm, E = 5 cm.

In accordance with these dimensions make the pattern for the inner layer of the tie – it is made of nonwoven fabric.
Make another pattern for the tie: add to the specified parameters 0.5 cm allowance for seams.
Lay the fabric on the table, Pat and otparit her iron. Pins pin the pattern to it, circle the tailor's chalk. Cut 2 blanks to a tie (with allowances) and non-woven lining.
To wrong side of one part and attach the non-woven part (adhesive side down), iron them iron.
Fold the pieces face inwards, baste them by hand, leaving a small cut, then to remove the tie. Then prostrochite the workpiece on the sewing machine (very carefully – in the corners).

In the field corner and in the corners, make small cuts of fabric left in the quality of the seam.
Remove the tie on the front side through the left hole, sew it by hand.
Then you can sweep all the product of the perimeter of thread of a contrasting color, to iron, to steam and leave to dry. Remove the thread basting and again iron the tie.