Advice 1: Unusual butterfly organza

Extraordinarily beautiful butterfly can be done from organza, it is very graceful, delicate and looks so realistic, as if in a moment will wave their magic wings and fly away.
Unusual butterfly organza
You will need
  • is organza;
  • feed-gossamer (2 cm wide);
  • - wool;
  • the outline on the fabric (thin tube with a spout);
  • - clear nail Polish;
  • - glue gun;
  • - colored pencils;
  • - glitter-gold;
  • - handle;
To choose the motive of the wings of butterflies. You can download from the Internet, choosing suitable color and size.
Cut 2 of piece of organza slightly larger than the wings. On the first piece you put the tape cobweb, the second cover and glue them using the iron, gently propadu those two pieces.
It will be enough and three strips of the webs, to get a uniformly glued piece of double layered organza.
To draw with a pen the outline of the wings, to make it easier to redraw on the fabric.
Further on the motif of the wing to put the workpiece organza and circle liner for textile DECOLA.
Can draw on both sides. Once dry, iron the iron through a cotton cloth to fix the dye.
Using colored pencils to color the butterfly.
Apply on the wings of colorless nail Polish, sprinkle glitter-gold.
Cut carefully with scissors along the contour of the finished wings.
Felting of wool in the palms of the body of the butterfly, with tucked the tip body and the fixing thread, thereby to form the head.
Wings to glue with hot gun to Taurus.
Antennae to make fishing line, vdev them in the head and painting the outline for the complexity of perception. Allow to dry.
If the body of the butterfly to stick a little pin in the air beauty can be used as brooches if the rubber band or a hair pin - hair jewelry.

Advice 2: How to sew curtains organza

Organza is a thin transparent fabric, which is made from silk, polyester or viscose with twisting of two fibers. Organza is shiny and matte. This unusual fabric looks very good in the textile interior design. Also, the organza is very transparent, and skips a lot of light, which is good for decorative curtains.
Transparent beauty
You will need
  • - organza
  • - curtain tape
  • - threads
  • - scissors
  • - sewing machine
Before you sew curtains, you need to determine the amount of fabric for them. Tulle is usually to take the amount of fabric in 2-2,5 times the width of the cornice. In the case of organza can be limited to half the width (but not less).
Then the top and bottom of the organza need to be trimmed in height from cornice to floor taking into account the seam allowance (2-4 cm). It is very difficult to cut the fabric evenly, so the edges require treatment. The bottom of the cut can be treated with bias binding. If the curtains were planned stripe curtain lace top can not handle binding, but simply tuck and stitch the edge.
Then you need to pritchet curtain tape or braid, by means of which the curtain is gathered. The focal length of the ribbon should match the width of the blinds. Then we used tape to the curtain at least two seams. If the ribbon is wide, the lines should be more. Depending on the kind of braid on the curtains will drape folds.
After the tape is sewn, needs to be ironed custom made curtains. You only have to pull the strings on the curtain tape and hang the finished curtains on the curtain.
Before ironed ready made curtains, be sure to check the temperature of the iron, so as not to burn delicate tissue.

Advice 3: How to wash curtains organza

Without an elegant and weightless curtains it is impossible to imagine a spectacular interior space. But any curtains require proper care and maintenance, as failure to comply with the rules of washing even the most expensive fabric is able to lose appearance.
How to wash curtains organza
You will need
  • detergent;
  • - curtains;
  • - water.
Before washing the curtains from Orgaz buy special detergent. In principle, for washing you can use regular detergent, but rinse the product in this case will have several times as there is a sufficient amount of foam. Liquid detergent from the fabric washes easily, even if you apply it in the washing machine for washing hands.
If the washable curtain is in the washing machine in the delicate cycle. Washing temperature should not exceed 30-40 degrees. Also install an additional rinse. This is to avoid soap stains on the curtains after you dry.
In that case, when the curtains organza erased by hand, soak them in water with dissolved in it with detergent. Soaking for only one hour. Way to wash the curtains by hand will be easier. Do not RUB the fabric too hard and do not twist after washing so as not to damage its structure. Opalocka curtains, slightly wring them and hang them over the bath to excess water glass, then hang to dry.
Organza is one of the popular materials for curtains. Since it is made of silk and polyester or viscose, the texture of the fabric turns transparent and very thin. This causes the specifics of the care, or in the case of intensive washing at high revolutions of the washing machine curtains can be spoiled.
Useful advice
The density of the organza is different, it depends on whether you will need to iron the curtains. If you hang a thin oranza on the cornice for curtains in a wet state, under its own weight, she successfully pulled away and it will not have folds.

If curtains were made to order, and was purchased in finished form, then the package should be given recommendations for their washing. Pay attention to them if the packaging of the curtains was preserved.
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