What is subchondral sclerosis

The inner surface of the joint has cartilage, in case of its damage, the bone tissue grows and thickens. Appear in the joint bony growths (osteophytes), which are sometimes not disrupt its function. In other cases, the osteophytes grow into the lumen between the two articular surfaces and the joint space narrows. As a result the person feels pain and stiffness in the movements. In subchondral sclerosis of the vertebral body is possible pain in the course of the affected nerve (radicular syndrome). The final stage of the process is a complete deformation of the joint, in this case of expansion may deform the joint space. Such changes lead to complete loss of joint function. Most often subchondral sclerosis occurs in the elderly.

Treatment of subchondral sclerosis

To eliminate the symptoms of subchondral sclerosis treatment directed at the underlying disease that is causing such a complication. Full recovery is, unfortunately, impossible. The treatment is combination therapy, to reduce pain and slow down the progression of the process. The patient is prescribed medications, physiotherapy, special diet. Treatment in each case will depend on the General state of the organism, extent of disease, comorbidities. When subchondral sclerosis patients can be treated with massage, chiropractic, acupuncture, physical therapy, therapeutic exercise, swimming, yoga. The load should be moderate. Exercise helps to increase joint mobility, strengthen muscles of the back and neck. In severe cases, possibly surgery, during the operation of the existing growths are removed.

As drugs in subchondral sclerosis used non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs; chondroprotectors (medicine kondratenok or glucosamine), immunomodulators, analgesics, muscle relaxants. In coordination with your doctor are using herbal. For example, you can make a collection consisting of peppermint, yarrow, hops, calendula, celandine, licorice, and the collection, which includes horsetail, nettle, buckthorn bark and willow, juniper fruit, birch leaf. Broths need to be alternated, getting them through the day. For grinding of joints prepare an ointment from the juice of sage, mixed with an oil base. To the mixture add a little alcohol tincture of propolis. This ointment has a warming effect, reduces inflammation, improves mobility of joint.