First and foremost, consult an experienced podiatrist who can diagnose the disease after obtaining the x-ray. Essential professional advice of a specialist in this area.
It is necessary to diagnosis radiography issued by the podiatrist. The affected areas of osteosclerosis of the bones can be clearly seen on the radiograph, being darker, compared to the normal functioning of bone tissue. Appearance of bone tissue shown in the picture is determined by the current form of osteosclerosis.
Pre-tune that treatment will be protracted, complex. Depending on which picture of osteosclerosis detected in the course of the survey – system (osteopetrosis, fluorosis, osteodystrophy) or physiologic osteosclerosis, is assigned to the appropriate treatment.
To fully take prescribed by a podiatrist comprehensive treatment is presented in the form of complicated procedures and medications (symptomatic treatment, orthopedic treatments, receiving calcitriol).
Be prepared for expensive operative (surgical) intervention for bone marrow transplantation in advanced, severe cases of the disease. It's also possible blood transfusion if the anemia is hemolytic in nature and taking medication prednisolone, triamcinolone, dexamethasone in equivalent doses.
Take timely prevention and treatment arise during the course of osteosclerosis complications (anemia changes in blood composition, various skeletal deformities, etc.). The application of therapy with corticosteroids, erythropoietin, gamma interferon, and system monitoring by a podiatrist to establish the dynamics of state changes can improve the overall picture of health.