The advantages and disadvantages of relax a savage

In fact, rest on the sea with a tent is always organized about the same. So, if you have a similar experience, you are unlikely to need additional knowledge.

The advantages of camping include its cost, the lack of strict deadlines, more freedom in the choice of venue, stay in the nature. You can find a very secluded spot and sunbathe there in the Nude. You can make a fire and fry sausage on it. You can still take with a beloved man and fall asleep together to the sound of waves!

Resting on the sea with a tent, don't forget to leave the place as clean as it was when you arrived.

But there are drawbacks. It is the shortcomings and the need to compensate for the reasonable choice of places to stay and the right kind of equipment. If you are camping, you will have a shower, toilet, fridge, electricity and fresh water, which you are absolutely sure.

Prepare to relax

Try to prepare in advance a list of possible places to pitch a tent. It can be camping villages or secluded beaches. Information about such places are full on the Internet. The better you prepare for the search space, the faster you will find a great option. When choosing a place, be guided by the presence of nearby freshwater rivers or the shop where you can buy water.

Do not immediately dismiss this option, like staying in paid camping. For a small price you will get the opportunity to wash in the shower. Typically the campsite has toilets, electrical outlets and kitchens to prepare meals, and clean fresh water.

What to bring

Buy a really good tent that will protect you from the rain. Despite the fact that summer in the sea is usually quite Sunny, even a short rain can ruin your life for the next few days. And regular short rains every day and even makes the stay unbearable.

The tent is better to choose low, to avoid being swept away by a strong wind. It should also be a bilayer, with good ventilation. Well, if in addition to tents, you have a big tent.

Useful inflatable mattresses, foam, sleep, sleeping bags (preferably warm). It is mandatory for all fire: matches, a saw or axe, paper for kindling. Of course, take a pot, plates and mugs, Cutlery, a knife and a key for cans.

Definitely need to take care of the first aid kit! It should include funds from insect bites, bandages, band-AIDS, antiseptic, aspirin and paracetamol.

Don't think that if you go to sea in summer, warm clothes are not needed. Nights and evenings can be cold. Warm clothing, rainwear, hats (for sun protection) will be very useful.

Additionally it is useful to have with you: flashlight, GPS or maps. Of products take the sugar, salt, cereals, canned food, tea and coffee.