You will need
  • The avtosredstvu with the characteristics of a 4x4, tent, water, food, mosquito repellent (lice, ticks), utensils for cooking over a campfire, a tent, firewood (coal), first aid kit, a photo and video camera.
Omsk oblast is unique in its diversity area. And gathered to relax, to get out of the city - should decide what you want. Just to be on the waterfront and set up a tent and indulge in the contemplation of the beauty of it, to organize their own expedition to the historic saturation of your experience, or Wellness journey and get acquainted with its healing springs, able to provide support not only for their healing properties and beauty of the surrounding landscape.
For nature lovers the main thing - to sit on the shore and throw a line. The place for such a relaxation can be found in different areas of the Omsk region. You can go in the direction of the village of meadow, 40 km in the direction Chernoluchenskoe recreation areas. Just outside the village - down to the Bayou of the Irtysh river with places for cars and tents. For moving through the dam (to the machine) - place on the Bank of the Irtysh.

You can choose the Camel lake, 70 kilometres from Omsk in the direction of Bolsherechye. Turn right towards the tower, just 500 meters from the village of Camel. However, to swim in the lake - not recommended, mud bottom, rather fishing. A little further on the highway after 10 miles in the same direction - the village Uvalnaya Bitiya with great lake for fishermen, and places to stay along the banks of the Irtysh.

For more prepared tourists, the legendary Five Lakes and the village Okunevo Muromtsevsky area, distant from the city more than 200 kilometers. Favorite tourist area, which attracts from all over Russia and abroad. Has mystical glory and rife with rumors about visiting space aliens. Every year the village Okunevo attracts many tourists June 21 at the summer solstice. On the river Tara is a huge campground among the pine trees, there is also a fair of folk artists and concert stage. Nearby, 2 kilometers, is the so-called navel of the Earth. The place where they found refuge symbols of several religions - a Hindu temple, an Orthodox Church, the Gentile rotation. In the village you can hire a guide who will accompany you to one of the legendary devil-lake. The path before him is crossing the river by boat and 6 miles of walking in one direction. Lakes Linevo and Shchuchye is located on the village Muromtseva 12 kilometers, and Danilovo - 27 kilometers. Fifth place - Urmannyy hidden lake hidden from the human eye according to the legend. The water of all lakes has healing properties and is saturated with silver. The shape of the coast is a perfect circle that is attributed to lakes of mysterious origin.
The incredible beauty and healing properties of the salt lake Ebeity. Located 150 km from Omsk, in the Poltava district. Is a natural monument of regional significance and a Deposit of mineral salts and mud. Next is unique in its natural characteristics the area is Uminska Beam having the status of a natural monument of regional scale. It is a vast, forested area converted into an artificial reservoir of fresh water. This is a popular place of recreation for residents of the surrounding villages and Omsk.