Before you go camping with a tent, carefully review the weather conditions on the territory of the intended stay. Heavy rains and hurricane winds can cause a lot of problems, of which soaking wet clothes, torn tent or washed out road to the civilized places seem a nonsense.

If for you the main thing – it is a budget vacation, and from civilization and entertainment are not willing to give up, then the best option for you – tent campsites. The owners of the campsites to monitor the purity of the territory, arrange leisure activities, to build canteens and showers. Stay in such a place will cost you less than in a boarding house or coastal hotel, but the pleasure from fresh air, nature and socializing with like-minded people you will get with a vengeance.

The tenting abroad can afford people with adventurous nature or having large experience of such trips. Travel to Asia, Nepal or Alpine mountains, stopping in places far from the traditional tourist trail, and encountering the dawn in the ringing silence – isn't it a dream? But in any case, you need to find out if the country where you are going to relax, "savage", poisonous insects and snakes, what are there temperature conditions that the level of crime and the attitude of the local population to outsiders.

The tenting will require you to discipline, easy attitude to minor problems and unexpected changes in plans and the ability to make independent decisions. Take the chance to relax without guides and tour companies and you will learn a lot of new and interesting things not only about nature but also about myself.