Basic skills

To work as a Secretary does not require the diploma of high school – enough specialized courses, where the future Secretary trained in business communication and etiquette, speed reading, management, practical psychology, shorthand and typewriting. In addition, the courses teach the basics of working in 1S, and are trained to use the mini-ATS and office equipment. Without these skills the Secretary may not be considered a good worker.

For a good Secretary is also very important to have the subtle perception of the psychology of other people and to be resistant to various stresses.

Because the Secretary is the business face of the company, it should have a pleasant appearance, sense of style and good taste. Without the ability to dress, to behave and to speak correctly, the Secretary will not be able to create clients of the company where he works, a good impression – hence, the image of the company is not up to par. In fact, the main task of a good Secretary is appropriate and effective organization of the work of his boss and the whole office.

The features of the profession

Many believe that the work of the Secretary is making coffee, filing of forms and answering calls. This is misleading – the duties of this profession include the control of the reception, business correspondence, participation in various office and off-site events and communicating with nervous clients. In addition, a good Secretary often acts as the office Manager, and even the psychologist who will be able to cool the atmosphere in the team.

Often secretaries called grey cardinals, because they are able to invisibly affect the performance of the company and the decisions of the head.

Most often the secretaries are women, because emotionally they are more flexible and resilient. In addition, they are more sensitive – capturing the mood of the boss and staff very helpful in their work. If the Secretary is smart enough and professional, the Manager can turn to him for advice and listen to them. It was the Secretary to facilitate the work of the chief, well-organize his working place and time to convey the necessary information. While the secretaries no career growth, because a good Executive assistant is worth its weight in gold. However, the Secretary acquires invaluable experience and knowledge of business processes, which in the future can help him to start a career in another profession.