Interview for the post of Secretary: what to expect

In modern companies the position of Secretary is very responsible. He is the face of the company. That is why now secretaries take not just pretty, but smart and educated girls. They provide the company's desired reputation as a serious and reliable institution.

In most cases the duties of the Secretary of the boards of various assistance to the Director. Errands type of print documents, arrangements of meetings, switching with subordinates is only part of a larger work. Very often the secretaries are responsible for ordering water and stationery, office, printing small printing (business cards), logistics and many more. All this must be clarified at the interview.

The employer may be interested in your level of knowledge of the English language, especially if the firm has foreign partners. In this case, a good level is required.

Choosing a suit for a job interview, it is better to stick with the traditional blue, grey, black shades. For the mandatory skirt tights, even on the hottest summer day.

Fundamentals of accounting, ability to work with programs world and excel are the standard requirements when applying for a Secretary job The interview may be asked to quickly type text or to build a table. This is necessary to be ready.

How to behave at the interview

The interview must be carefully prepared. A business suit should be sufficiently stringent that employers understand that you are a professional. You can bring portfolio in which to place the reports on performed tasks. In addition, you can stock up on reference letters from past employers.

The diploma is not very important when applying for a job as a Secretary. Interviews for this position taking into account experience and skills, not which UNIVERSITY was over.

At the interview, watch the speech. Take your time, speak clearly, correctly build phrases. Don't rush with answers. Let the employer understand that you are a responsible person, first think and then do. But the tasks are performed as quickly as possible. It will tell about your competence in your chosen field of work.

Feel free to ask questions. You also need to work as interviewers in your services. Why build dialogue, making it clear that you too have not yet decided whether you fit the organization.