The office Manager is the face of the office. In addition to the duties of the Secretary, it combines the functions of a personnel Manager and caretaker. This is a serious post, so higher education and work experience is required when taking.

What is the responsibility of the office Manager

- Training office before work. Checking computer equipment, phones and office equipment. Call the master if necessary, repair.
The control of such sanitary standards as lighting, ventilation and room temperature.
- Preparation of documents, reports and materials necessary to get started and solutions to current problems.
- Monitoring the work of secretaries, messengers and drivers. The distribution of responsibilities, setting tasks, determining the degree of responsibility and analysis of the effectiveness of their work.
- Develop budgets and control expenses necessary for the office needs. Providing employees with office supplies, consumables and badges.
- Count the number of hours worked by the staff of the office and the transmission of information to the accounting Department for payroll.
- Control of observance of labor discipline. Keeping records of violations of the daily routine and dress code.
- Organization of meetings, registration, and visitor services.
- Negotiations, meetings, presentations and other events have required materials and documents, keeping of the minutes.
Control of work document management office.
- Business correspondence with customers and partners, distribution of necessary materials.
- Help workers in resolving problems and conflicts.
- Coordination of completion of office, control for turning off machinery, lights, air conditioning.
- In many organizations, the office Manager is responsible for hiring staff. Placing information about job vacancies, reviews the summary and even trains new employees.

Required skills

The office Manager is a liaison between management and office staff. As required, reports on the status and effectiveness of the organization.

In order to effectively perform their duties, it is necessary to know principles of selection and personnel management, planning and motivation, ethics, relationships, basic clerical work, labour law and accounting. In addition, the office Manager must have the ability to handle stress, ability to make quick decisions and take responsibility for them.