The duties of a personnel Manager are to monitor the situation on the labour market, informing management about the market situation with the staff and the level of the average wage.
He also engaged in search and selection of qualified professionals and, in addition, the planning of staffing resources in the near future, watching talent. HR-Manager usually creates a system of motivation of employees, but unlike the guide, is responsible for its non-material side.
Moreover, the HR Manager is the main Creator and Keeper of the corporate culture. It was he, in fact, form the labor collective: group and personal relationships, a unity of methods and skills in achieving the set objectives, organize the adaptation of newly hired employees, has been working with quitting, has been working certification, etc.
One of the most important responsibilities of the HR Manager considered the training of personnel, organization of trainings, courses, improving qualification, training seminars. As well as advising management on all issues relating to human resource management, preparation of relevant reports.
However, not every organization needs the personnel Manager. In small firms it often happens that the HR outsourcing has been the Secretary, and the other duties of the Manager is divided between other specialists. There is an unspoken norm: one Manager 80-100 employees. In large companies, can work up to 10-15 HR managers, each responsible for a specific area of work – one for the employment of staff, the other for his retraining, etc.
HR Manager have to know what the necessary personal and professional qualities of the applicant for a particular position. Ie he should be able to make a job analysis for every job in the organization.
It must also possess professional communication skills. As you know, the job always starts with interviews from the success of which depends the future efficient working of the employee. Therefore, great importance is the ability of the Manager to position the interlocutor to a confidential conversation, the ability not to take into consideration first impression and to let him speak, etc.
Very useful quality for an HR Manager is the knowledge of the socio-psychological foundations and their application in practice, with the aim of creating a favorable climate in the team and assist in unlocking the potential of each employee, the manifestation of his abilities.
In addition, the Manager of staff with the necessary knowledge of labor laws and rules of registration of various papers for employment, transfer or dismissal, documentation, vacation, etc