Administrative positions in the company

Any existing company resembles a living organism, the normal functioning of which is ensured by constantly maintain relationships with other legal entities. It and business partners, and customers and suppliers, and regulatory and governing bodies, as well as many other organizations and individuals.

The main task of people engaged in administrative work, is the provision of a planned and trouble-free operation of the enterprise, including through the timely provision of current information and dispatches management decisions from the management to performers.

Depending on the type of activity, which is essential for the enterprise, its structure and size, to the major administrative positions include: administrator, reception, Secretary, Executive assistant, office Manager, business assistant, clerk, phone operator, personal assistant, translator, head of the office/Secretariat.

It can be noted that highly qualified administrators valued by employers at the level of middle Manager: logistics, accountant, Manager on work with clients. The level of their salaries starts from 50 thousand rubles.

What it takes to be a good administrator

Employers are placing candidates for administrative positions quite high. The applicant must have a University degree and experience in the industry. Increasingly to charming conditions is the knowledge of one or more foreign languages, knowledge of computer and office programs, office equipment and telephone is not even mentioned as a matter of course.

The person who wants to do administrative work, you must have specific character qualities. Always will need people are proactive, competent, agile intellect, a broad Outlook and systemic approach to work, able to make informed operational decisions.

Since administrative positions assume the communicative function, important qualities when applying for a job will be competent speech, ability to find common language with people and logically Express their thoughts, knowledge of business etiquette and even pleasant appearance, which is especially important for administrators at the reception and secretaries, who are the face of the company.