Always control your emotions and mood. How would you may be happy or sad, picking up the phone, you need to be discreet and businesslike. Your tone should be smooth, calm and friendly. If you took the time to approach and out of breath, then, before you can utter a greeting, take a couple deep breaths to breath normal.
When you receive a call, always the first to start a conversation without waiting for that will tell you at the other end of the tube. This should be the standard phrase – presentation and greeting. Say Hello and then name the company that called your partner. In that case, if he did not introduce himself, apologizing, ask to whom you are speaking.
Check those items and functions that are performed by the subdivisions of your company and decide the particular practitioner in order to correctly forward incoming calls of clients and customers. Readdressing call, say the name and surname of the specialist whom you associate your telephone interlocutor. The employee to whom you transferred the call, report the name of the caller and the question that he asked. You should not take on the role of consultant, even if you can do it, let the person solve their problems with the experts that it is authorized.
You can give background information if such issues arise: the full name of your company, surname, name and patronymic of the Director, his deputies and heads of departments, office address. Make and agree with the Director a separate list of those for whom it will be always free.
Be sure to keep a log of calls. Write down everything you are asked to send, do not rely on your memory to not forget anything important. All information must be transferred to those for whom it was intended. Specify company name or surname and name of the person who calls the telephone number that will call, date and time of the call.