The medicine can be deadly

The thing is that the bath is a heat treatment that causes expansion of blood vessels and causes the entire body to work in a different, unusual mode. A peculiar shake of body, which gives most people the positive effect that they're heading to the steam room. Healing vapor enters the lungs, warms and heals the respiratory system; the heat opens the pores of the skin and sweat stands, displays the body of toxins; the heart begins to drive the blood along the expanded high temperature vessels — as a result, the active oxygen penetrates into organs and tissues, the kidneys work faster... But what happens if steam goes the man with the already dilated vessels, increased blood pressure, and in the body, among other things, contains a couple liters of beer?

In this situation, any possible complications: arterial and intracranial pressure, swelling of the veins until they rupture, syncope, and even stroke. But if the person is drunk, and death — because intoxicated people maybe not in time to notice that he becomes ill and lost his balance, heavy cranial-a brain trauma.

Doctors recommend to refrain from visiting baths and saunas to those patients who have chronically elevated blood pressure or intracranial pressure. And to drink alcohol before the bath in General is strictly forbidden — even to those who have health of the astronaut.

Swollen veins: why happens and whether it is dangerous?

The swelling of the veins on the temples — one of the signs of high blood pressure. Although sometimes vascular reaction occurs in healthy people, if the vessels close to the skin. In General, skin on the temples is very thin, and sometimes the blood vessels in this part of the body can be seen, even if the person did not receive heat treatments. So the swelling of the veins after a bath — not a reason for alarm. However, better to be safe: to measure heart rate and blood pressure. By the way, in the normal state the heart rate is 80 beats per minute, and after a bath, their number may reach one hundred. A normal pressure is 120/80, then after a bath it can rise to 10-15 units.

If the numbers on the tonometer is increased, and the pulse "part", it is better not to go into the steam room — health may deteriorate. Lie down in a room with normal temperature, relax, you can cover almost wet sheets to the body temperature decreased slightly, and extended after the bath vessels are narrowed to its normal state. If the condition continues to worsen, appeared headache, vomiting, flies before my eyes — immediately call your doctor. He will prescribe a drug that lowers the pressure and will probably prescribe a diuretic to rid the body of excess fluid.