Campsites, campgrounds and wild places

It is conditionally possible to divide the options for placing your tent into 3 types. The first is the paid campsites. Their cost ranges from 150 to 400 rubles per person, but it includes a range of services: drinking water, shower, toilet, kitchen, security of personal belongings, sometimes it's meals, and rental tents. All depends on area and camping. Such sites are many, from Sevastopol to the Tarkhankut Peninsula, located. The easiest way to contact the tour operator who can advise and assist you to select the optimal conditions of the place.

There are also independent campgrounds. A comfortable place with a source of freshwater nearby has long been favored by travelers for many years people come to rest in such places, often family vacationers already familiar for many years.

You can also put the tent in any secluded spot on the coast that will appeal to you personally. This method is suitable for those who do not like the company of other vacationers.
Most of the tent cities and encampments located closer to Sevastopol, but at Nikolayevka and then tourists is much smaller: not all attracted to the rocky coast and the lack of vegetation.

Wild beaches of the Crimea

Vicinities of Sevastopol are dotted with small coves and headlands, so there's a lot of wild and refined beaches. Many of them are easily accessible right on the city bus from the center. The village of Lyubimovka, Cape Chersonese, Fiolent, the beach "Mayak", the beach "Tsarskoe Selo", the beach "Jasper".

If you decided to relax on a beach in Balaclava, it is recommended to leave the car in the city (if you drive), and to the beaches themselves reachable via boat. Can walk, but it sometimes takes several hours. Good beaches: "Vasili", "Gold" (to this beach from Balaklava there is a boat), "Figs", "the Lost world" (you can get here only by water), "Laspi" (there is a good road).

On the southern coast of places to stay wild not so much, but they are. Usually it is surrounded by cliffs and beaches that are difficult to reach, for example, simonz. Also there are vacant places not far from Alushta. However they need a long walk, but the location may well become your favorite.
To find the best Parking spot, it is best to explore the coastline in the selected location. Sites for tents everywhere.

Theodosius may please the lover of camping a few nice places: this is the Dvuyakornaya and Fox Bay. Fox Bay is known that since ancient times attracts freaks, and lovers of natural relaxation.