Make the emblem with the aid of a computer. Try to use Word 2010. Open the program and start. Find the tab "Insert", there select "Shapes" then select the shape of your logo.
On the worksheet, drag the shape to the desired size. Then make the sign. Select the tab "Insert", then click "Shapes", the object label and type the desired text.
If you need the contour of the lettering or shading, select the button "shape Outline" or "Fill". Already there, select the functions you need. The desire to make the inscription on your chosen path. To do this, in the tab "Format", click "Animation" then select "Convert". And already here, pick a path for your label.
Don't forget to choose a suitable font and text color. Now drag the decal to the shape of the logo. Pre-select properties for "Wrap text" - "in Front of text".
That's all, your logo is ready to print!