About the unit

Private security – a structural unit of the Ministry of internal Affairs of the Russian Federation, which carries out the protection of enterprises of all forms of ownership and property – apartments, cottages, garages, etc. They have the status of public services.

Employees who take over some of the functions that the chop is not entitled to carry out, is to protect the settlement-cash centres, the security of members of the investigative Committee, tax inspections, etc.

The activity of private security is also aimed at maintaining law and order on the streets. Division staff shall observe and respect the rights and freedoms of Russian citizens. Activities IN controlled by the "Law on police".

A patrol car of private security, in addition to the radios and navigation devices equipped with special signals (flashing lights) and have the Board numbers. Staff IN special way equipped and carry a service weapon.

Commercial activities

The employees carry out protection through technical means. Service facility, where installed panic button. The signal received by the remote control leaves the group of detention.

Work on protection of property of physical persons is not different from the scheme of actions of private security companies. If the apartment or house, the alarm is triggered, a group of private security, which is closest, goes to the object.

Depending on the terms of the contract owners may be subject to a fine for a false alarm. For example, if you closed the window and the alarm went off.

If the signal was accurate, the employees have the right to detain the burglar. The chopivtsi in such a situation would have to call the police. Representatives of private security can use weapons in the cases established by the law of the Russian Federation.

Another focus of the structure – bearing physical protection of facilities. Contract employees of private security escort of cargo.

Among the advantages of cooperation with security services – reasonable prices, an extensive network, a clear structure, developed over the years. But some Firms can benefit by installing more advanced security systems.

Law enforcement

Private security staff going on duty, patrolling the city streets. Any citizen who suffered from illegal actions, can contact the group of detention. For example, if you pulled out a bag on the street, feel free to slow down the crew or call the shop, equipped with an alarm button.

The police work of the private security Department and orientations. Connected to the police operations carried out in the settlements.

All the personnel of private security is periodically recertified, marching and physical training, participates in practice.