Define your color type

In order to find out the suitable red hair color or not, you need to first determine your color type. Usually, red suitable for type spring or winter. If you belong to the winter, you have a bright appearance: black hair, brown eyes, light skin. If you are the owner of fair skin and light shade hair, your color type - spring. In both cases, select a very warm red shade. It can be quite bright, but natural.

It is very important that your skin tone was light. Red hair is rarely suitable for girls with darker skin. If you have green or blue eyes, it is likely that red hair will you do to face.

If you do not wish to experiment with your hair, simply apply red lock-to-face. Strand can get in the directory, where the shades of colors. If you will have the opportunity to try on a red wig will certainly do it.

Another good option is a consultation with a personal hairdresser. It will certainly give good advice about what will suit you as a redhead or not.

Try to use the special services try on hairstyles online. You only need upload your photo to the site. A special program will process it and you'll get the opportunity to try on different hairstyles, changing hair color.

Trial staining

The surest way to know would be or not red hair is to do a test staining. You can paint only the part of the hair. For example, bangs. And you can dye the hair completely. Get a special shampoo that does not change the structure of the hair. This balm is no ammonia so it is harmless. Colorant tint balm penetrates deep into the hair and stain the surface. 5-6 times so it is enough to wash the hair to give you back the natural color of hair.

Apply conditioner to clean, wet hair after shampooing. Then put the plastic head cap. Keep the balm on the head is not more than half an hour. If you have dark hair, can hold substance in the hair just over 30 minutes. This damage will not, but the color will be more intense. After the desired amount of time, thoroughly rinse the strands with water. Need to wash your hair until they do not flow clean water. Shampoo it should not be used. As it will wash out the color.

Then dry hair naturally or with a Hairdryer. Look in the mirror. If you are satisfied with the result, recall exactly how much time you keep the balm on the hair. When the color washed out of hair again, use coloring coloring. In addition, you can choose permanent hair dye in the same shade.