Use toning shampoo or unstable paint for hair. If the chosen shade will not work, fix it will be very simple – enough only a few times to wash my hair. Semi-permanent colouring product is safe for the hairbecause they contain a small amount of ammonia and oxidants. Their disadvantage is that they wash off in the rain or after a bath, dirty towels and pillowcases. Owners of blond hair is to take these dyes carefully – they can absorb so much that they long time will not rinse.
Visit a store that sells wigs and try on different options. Thus you can choose not only any colour, but the shape of hair. The online stores specializing in the sale of wigs, you can order samples of hair, which is a set of strands basic colors. Presented dark color, AMI from black to dark blonde, light brown from natural blonde to it different shades. Light strands range from white to Golden blond, red, from reddish-brown to dark brown.
Choose the right color hair using Adobe Photoshop. Open it in your photo. Click on the Quick Mask icon located at the bottom of the toolbar. In the settings menu, select Selected Areas. Take a medium brush with soft edges and paint over her hairs, if necessary, increasing or decreasing the brush size. Select the hair, pressing the Q key on the keyboard. Region, and the rest is not selected, paint with a brush, wipe off the excess with the eraser, back in the Quick Mask mode. Clicking on klaviature Ctrl+J create a new layer from the selection. Use the command Image-Adjustments-Color Balance or press Ctrl+B. the screen will display settings color. Experimenting with the suggested settings, you can pick up a few suitable options colorand hair.
Use for selection of colorand special programs: Coiffeur, Salon Styler Pro, Virtual Visage, MAGGI - hairstyles and make-up, eImagePro. With their help, you can experiment with the hair colorof th hairto choose suitable makeup and accessories to change the color of eyes to choose the right form of glasses and even to simulate the results of cosmetic procedures.