Determined by skin tone

Before you choose a hair color that will perfectly blend in with the General appearance, it is recommended to accurately determine your own skin tone: warm or cool. This is easiest to do by attaching to the skin patches of cloth of silver and gold: if more beneficial to look Golden shades, the tone refers to warm; silver color goes best with cool skin tones.

You can use another way: on the wrist, put a blank sheet of paper or wearing a white blouse, because her background is easy to determine the color of the veins on the hand. The predominance of vessels with blue or purple color indicates the presence of cold tones; veins greenish hue inherent in the skin of warm colors.

How to choose a hair color

Owners of warm skin tones it is recommended to choose the color of the hair is also in warm shades: fair-skinned women are perfect the color of pure gold or Golden-brown tones. Dark skin will revive and make you Shine hair color rich walnut, chestnut, chocolate and deep copper hues. It is recommended to avoid shades of hair, close to blue or purple – they will make the skin dull and sickly.

Light cool skin tone is the perfect complement to subtle shades of light brown or color "platinum blonde". For dark skin it is recommended to choose a paint containing Burgundy or blue tones. Under the ban are color containing bright yellow or orange shades.

The owners of the olive skin to match the color of the hair is also quite simple: the main thing is to avoid bright colors that can give the yellow even the most healthy and beautiful skin. Perfect with the whole look will blend in dark brown and blue-black hair with reddish tints.